This page references vocabularies that are widely used, and that are likely to cover some aspects of your app:

Vocabularies solving common issues

These vocabularies have a general community support, and they address issues that are horizontal to many applications.

Frequently Asked Questions Relevant vocabularies
I want to talk about social interaction as
I want to talk about licenses cc
I want to talk about documents’ metadata (author, title, etc.) dc elements and terms
I want to talk about events as, ical
I want to talk about people, communities and organizations foaf, vcard, sioc
I want to talk about places geonames, wgs84
I want to describe an online meeting meeting
I want to talk about music mo
I want to describe things that are usually found on web pages schema
I want to talk about time and timezones time, tzont
I want to track issues and log events rlog, wf

Vocabularies describing technical elements

These vocabularies are tied to technical standard.

Described element Vocabulary
X509 Certificates cert
HTTP messages http
HTTP headers httph
Linked Data Platform ldp
RSS feeds rss
XML Schema xsd

Core vocabularies

These vocabularies are used as building blocks to make the others.

Vocabularies essential to Solid

These vocabularies are the ones featured in the Solid standard.

Your application requires a vocabulary that you did not find on this page? Maybe it’s out there somewhere. Next, we see how to discover vocabularies.